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9. September 2014 Posted by:


SHOCKWAVES (82 min) is a darkly comic psychological thriller about a man whose traumatic memories of childhood send him on a hallucinogenic carnival ride of self-destruction and murder. Through a surrealistic Möbius strip of alternate realities, shifting times and multiple dimensions, SHOCKWAVES weaves a kaleidoscopic nightmare tapestry of abuse and revenge.


On the director:
Kasumi, a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow and director of the critically acclaimed experimental feature film, Shockwaves, is an artist working most recently in cinematic assemblage, taking the visual and auditory components of our culture and reconstituting them as bold representations of the human experience. She uses traditional and modern media to imagine the complex processes of the human brain, synthesizing different methods of expression into a metaphorical language that resembles the stream of messages and subconscious connections making up human perception.
Kasumi has won global acclaim for her experimental films and video performance pieces.She has performed in settings including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Württembergischen Kunstverein Stuttgart and the Chroma Festival de Arte Audiovisual and has collaborated with artists as diverse as Grandmaster Flash, DJ Spooky, Modeselektor, the New York Philharmonic, members of the Cleveland Orchestra, and the American Composers Orchestra.


For me, art is the use of any achievable means to attain understanding: a way to solve a problem, to describe a condition, to illustrate a concept or to ask a question. Filmmaking is an especially effective means of depicting the labyrinths of our interior lives—that strange alchemy of consciousness that transmutes memories, desires and experience into the stories that provide each of us with some sort of way to make sense of the world.


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